Shrovetide (Zapusty) customs – „Walking with a Goat”
in Kuyawia Region


‘Walking with a Goat’ is a custom connected with Shrovetide (Zapusty), i.e. the time ending the carnival, from Fat Thursday to the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. The custom celebrated until this day in Kuyavia, consisting in carolling with animal mascarons originated from pre-Christian times. As in case of other similar customs, popular in many regions of Poland, from the Advent to Easter, it links numerous senses: magical, symbolic, ludic and social. As a cultural phenomenon replayed spontaneously each year by village inhabitants, ‘Walking with a Goat’ in Kuyavia is one of the most important elements of immaterial heritage of our Province.


What is the origin of the custom of “walking with a goat”? What was its course and who used to take part in it? Why was the “a goat” always the most important?
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The present day

What do carol singers “with a goat” look like today? How do they behave? Where can you meet them?
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Symbolism of Character

Which characters “go around with a goat”? What do the “goat”, the “stork”, the “bear”, the “horse” and other characters of the carnival processions symbolise?


Where can you find more information about “walking with a goat” in Kuyavia?